Do you own a website? Is it not visible on Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines?

If you are not visible on Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines you are losing online business. Studies shows that only 6% of the people pass the first page on Google. In this competitive environment, it has become challenging to lead a business. SEO can help you stay ahead of your competition. At SAITES we have one mission, to take every step possible to give measurable results to ensure search engine crawls your site, enjoys it’s content and drive traffic to it.

Some companies who may claim to understand the concept of SEO, but do they really deliver results? Some of them even promise to get you #1 rank in Google, a claim that even Google states is impossible, as do we.

Why S.E.O.?

Canadians’ Internet usage is much greater than their global counterparts.

The global average of pages visited per month by user was 2,278 in 2013, and the average number of hours spent online by user in 2013 was 24.6 per month.



Statistics shows Canada is one of the most wired countries in the world with:

  • 87% of the Canadians are connected to the internet

  • 99.5% of the Canadians to use the internet daily.

  • Rank No. 1 when it comes to monthly website page views visits per visitor.

  • Rank No. 2 Globally time spent online with average Canadian spend 41 hours / month online. Smartphone use is up 57% above the global average of 42% where 6 out of 10 use internet on cell.

  • 74% of Canadians research products online before buying In-Store

  • 30% of the users use mobile while shopping In-Store

  • 50% of Canadian shop online

  • 6% of the people pass the first page of Google.

  • Most popular content is Social Media

  • 24 Million Canadian use Social Media in 2013.

  • facebook being most popular with 19 million Canadian, Twitter rank #2 & Linkedin rank #3

  • Pinterest showed 792% growth in 2013



Increase traffic

• Improve business visibility and website visitors

• Improve conversion rate

• regular analysis to improve your online presence



  • Get instant traffic to your website
  • Best ROI on your PPC Investment
  • Improve the quality of website leads
  • Improve targeted audience to your website


Local SEO

Local SEO

  • Improve your visibility to local audiences
  • Improve sales and widen your customer base
  • Get more traffic and better conversion rates

Social Media

Social Media

• Engage with your followers to increase traffic
• Create awareness, expertise and build your brand
• More exposure and win more business leads
• With paid social campaigns reach your target audience